Saturday, 20 February 2010

Super super super tomato
Is there nothing the humble tomato can't do? Not satisfied with being a hangover cure, a good source of vitamin C and great for your skin, the little red fruit is now tackling cancer.
Touted as a 'super superfood' for its ability to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, the Moruno tomato has twice the normal levels of a natural cancer-fighting substance and as much vitamin C as a similar-sized orange.
And, from today, it's all yours for £1.50 for a 280g pack in the Tesco Finest range.
The Moruno, which took Spanish scientists two years to develop and is the result of cross-breeding 2,000 varieties, has double levels of lycopene, which gives tomatoes their red colour, and which scientists have linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer.
Lycopene is more easily absorbed into the bloodstream when the tomatoes are cooked with certain oils, such as olive oil.
In a recent study, more than 1,000 men with prostate cancer had their post-diagnosis diets examined. Patients who had tomato sauce more than twice a week had a 44 per cent lower risk of the disease spreading.


モルノ トマト”と言い、このトマトはスペイン人の科学者が2年もの年月をかけて開発したもので、2000種のトマトから品種改良を行いました。

この、”モルノトマト”は英国大手スーパーマーケット、TESCO (テスコ)が先立って販売を開始、1パック280gで£1.50。

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