Thursday, 21 January 2016

setsubun event in London

Setsubun is the day before beginning of the spring on the ancient calendar in Japan. It means "division of season" but this is usually refers to the Spring.
This Setsubun was influenced from China in 8th Century.

So, this Setsubun has long history in Japanese culture, but depending on the different region, the way of celebrating is different from each other.
However, every region has same custom which is we thrown roasted soy beans either out the door or at a member of the family wearing an Oni(demon) mask, and we say "Demons out, Luck in!"
Then after that, we eat roasted soybeans as one for each year of one's life.

When I was a kid, I love eating roasted soy beans on Setsubun. Even though, I should have eaten same number of beans as my age, I ate so much more than my actual age, and I felt I am being so cheeky.

When we were little, we always make Oni masks at the nursery or school. And the Setsubun day actually comes, it could turn hell nightmare for youngers.

The teacher dressed as Demons, which is usually red, blue, yellow or green demon costumes with massive spiky stone pestle (it not real stone. Obviously), and big shoes, loud voice, walking stumpy in the room and just so big and loud! So most of the kids were run to the teacher and cry or at least hide from the demons. But only brave boys and some girls would thrown the beans towards those Demons and try to war off. I was one of the brave one as well as hiding behind teacher. I still remember the demons were so loud and tall, my knee were shaking so much.

Also at home, we do thrown beans.
My mum were shouting so loudly while throwing the beans and I felt embarrassing.. After you finish the beans throwing, you'll have to pick up all beans from the floor. Sometimes you will find remaining beans 6 months later though.. haha.

To introduce the tradition of setsubun,  Oliver from Tengu sake, and myself will be hosting the Sake+Dinner event based "Setsubun" at the Shackfuyu in Soho.
Selections of sake with finger licking delicious foods will be served. So if you are craving for something educational, fun, delicious and good sake, Please join us at Shackfuyu! The ticket can be purchased from here...



また、家で豆まきをする際、母の、「鬼は外ー! 福は内ー!」のかけ声が余りにも大きくて、ちょっと恥ずかしいなんて思った時期も有りました。。

さてさて、私の節分のお話はここまでで、この節分をロンドンでもちょっと意識してみたいなと思い、 テングサケのオリバーと、私がホストを勤めさせて頂きます、日本酒とお食事のイベントが、SohoにあるShackfuyuで開催されます。
日本酒と、”finger licking”なお料理との楽しいイベントを企画しています。日本の文化と、おいしいお酒やお料理、少しだけためになる楽しいイベントをお探しの方、是非お友達やご家族をお誘いの上、お越し下さい!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

sake event at sozai cooking school

It was my first sake seminar held at Sozai Cooking School.

Sozai Cooking School provides varieties of event, such as Kazari maki, Ramen Sushi .. eand so much more.
I have my own traning ideas, but to find venue is always the difficult one. So I have got introduced by somebody who I know to this wonderful venue.
Since they have good experience organising a lots of event, I was so relaxed to prepare. (which is not always happen to me..)

さてさて、今回のSozai Cooking Schoolで 開催された日本酒のイベントは、私にとってはSozai Cooking School で初めて担当させて頂いたイベントでした。セミナーやイベント、そしてトレーニングのアイディア等は、もう次から次へと湧き出て来る程あるのですが、何が 難しいかと言うと、場所の確保。
そもそも、Sozai Cooking Schoolでは数々のイベントを主催しており、もう、イベントをオーガナイズする事に掛けては、皆さんプロ。

 I have explained about basic knowledge of sake, such as ingredients, making process, classifications and special about sake.
Even though I didn't use my slide presentation, I manage to show few pictures of sake making, and talked so much about sake. The samples we have chose, it was really unique products.

Urakasumi Junmai
Shochikubai Shirakabegura Muroka genshu
Nanbubijin Oke no Tami, Junmai
Choya Ume shu/ Plum Sake

The selection of sake is quite simple.
I thought many of guests doesn't know much about Umeshu, so I wanted to share the health benefit of drinking Umeshu, and how to drink them.



浦霞 純米
松竹梅 白壁蔵 無濾過原酒 大吟醸
南部美人 桶の民 純米
Choya 梅酒


We have tried all sake with beautifully prepared small dishes, such as Extra matured cheddar cheese, Duck+Orange pate, Pan fried scallops, Yakitori, Edamame, Onigiri..
And in the end of the session, guests purchased some sake to take home, so I think it was really good event.

We are organising more event togerther with Sozai Cooking School, so if you missed the event this time, I hope you can join us at next time!



Thursday, 1 October 2015

[news] up coming event

Sake Supper club at Jenius Social!!

Something fun, unusual and delicious... Why don't you join us at sake Supper Club at Jenius Social.
We are providing delicious and juicy french dishes and try to match with Japanese Sake.

The details are as below.
You can also find out more detials on Jenius Social's website, Eventbrite as well.

Date: 16th Ocotober 2015
Time: 1900-
Fee: £45.00

To book your seat, please visit Eventbrite

I am looking forward to see you at Supper Club!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

[news] up coming event

I am hosting a sake event at Sozai Cooking School, on 23rd of October!
Please visit Sozai Cooking School's website and find out more information!!!

I am looking forward to see you on 23rd!!

お知らせです。来る10月23日にSozai Cooking Schoolさんで、日本酒のイベントを主催いたします。
申し込み方法等詳細は、Sozai Cooking School のウェブサイトをご覧下さい!


Monday, 21 September 2015

sake event vol18. at Yashin Ocean House report

I love reading about Japanese history. If possible, I would love to study Japanese history and get Ph.D.

So, learning Japanese history is one of my passion as well as sake. There are so much fascinating  stories and I wanted to organise a sake event to share some of my knowledge, about sake and history.

My mysterious themed sake event was held at Yashin Ocean House on 9th September, the day of Choyo no Sekku (Chrysanthemum festival).
Used to be 9th September was really important day, however the custom of this celebration has collapsed in Meiji Era.




この、ちょっと聞き慣れないミステリアスなイベントにご協力頂いたのは、Yashin Ocean Houseさんでした。

Luckily I have worked in Japanese restaurant when I was worked in Park Hyatt Tokyo, and learned so much about Japanese culture, traditional Japanese cuisine, and sake. So, I had really good ideas and knowledge of this celebration. 

Yashin Ocean House had prepare wonderful tasting menu for the special event.

幸運な事に、過去Park Hyatt Tokyoに勤務していた際、日本料理のレストランで日本文化、日本食、器とそして日本酒を学ぶ事が出来たので、今回イベントを主催するにあたっては、はっきりとしたアイディアとプランがありました。

 Yashin Ocean Houseの皆さんのご協力のお陰もあり、本当に素晴らしいお料理の数々をご用意頂きました。

 Welcome drinks... Sparkling sake from Takasago Shuzo.

Starter was so simple yet, every single bite has got jucy umami... We tried this dish with
Masumi Nanago Junmai Daiginjo
Rice: Miyama Nishiki
AVB: 16%
Producer:Miyasaka Brewing Company, Ltd.
Distributer in UK: World Sake Imports


Then, we had this gorgeously presented sashimi. The steam were scented of yuzu citrus... it was really pretty and smells amazing.
The sake we tried with sashimi was...

Dewazakura Junmai Ginjo
Rice: Omachi
Producer:Dewazakura Sake Co., Ltd.
Distributer in UK: World Sake Import


This is the simmered pumpkin with sweet corn sauce. It was very unique texture but taste of the Autumn. The sake was

Shirakabe Gura Kimoto Junmai
Rice: Yamadanishiki
Producer:Takara Shuzo Co.,Ltd.
Distributor in UK: Tazaki Foods


This is pan flied foie gras with plum sauce..
This dish was pared with plum sake called,
Mon Mume Plum sake
AVB: 14.50%
Producer:Kinmon Akita Sake Brewery
Distributor in UK:

こちらは、 Mon Mumeと言うちょっとユニークな梅酒と一緒に頂きました。

In the end, we had selections of Sushi, with homemade gari. 
Aratama Tokubetsu Junmai
Rice:Kairyo shinko
Producer:Wada Sake Brewery, Ltd.
Distributer in UK:


Then finished with fresh icecream with Japanese green tea.


It was just wonderful, fun and tasty night.
All about was Choyo no Sekku and seasonal dishes. Every dishes were so sophisticated and elegant... I loved the whole experience at Yashin Ocean House.
The restaurant became quite busy in the evening, but Raku san the Manger of the Ocean House and Chef  Yasushi san, and all staffs has provided wonderful service and dishes. Truly great experience.

I can not wait to return to the restaurant again.


また、Yashin Ocean Houseでお食事を頂く事が、もう待ちきれない程です。

今回のイベント開催にあたり、Yashin Ocean Houseの皆様、World Sake Importsさん、そして Tazaki Foodsさんには特にご協力頂きました事、ここに改めて御礼申し上げます。



Tuesday, 25 August 2015

[News] sake event vol18. 第18回日本酒の会のお知らせ

Hope you are having wonderful summer. 
I'd like to inform you regarding our Sake Event Vol 18.

In this event, we are celebrating Japanese ancient autmn event called "Choyo no Sekku", colaborating with Yashin Ocean House Restaurant in South Kensington.
Choyo no Sekku is very historical and sophisticated seasonal event, became popular in Heian era(794-). We would like to bring back the tradition and elegance to our sake event.

So please join us at Yashin Ocean House.
There are very few available spaces so don't miss out!

Tuesday 8th September: 10 seats available
Wednesday 9th September: 10 seats available
Doors open at 7pm, dinner starts from 7:30pm.

£100 per person (include VAT & service charge) 
Tickets are non-refundable within 28 hours

RSVP to or call at 02073733990Please be aware that we will kindly ask for your card details for in advance payment. It would be very helpful for us if you could provide it in your reservation. 




今回の会場となりますのは、サウスケンジントンにある、有名な実力オーナーシェフお二人が手がける、Yashin Ocean houseです。現代ではもう殆どの家庭でお祝いしなくなってしまった、伝統的な節句とおいしいお料理、そしてお酒を一緒に愉しみませんか?



料金 お一人様100ポンド(VAT とサービスチャージは全て込みのお値段です) 

ご予約は、 、もしくは02073733990まで御願いいたします。

I am looking forward to see you at the event!

sake event vol 17: "a midsummer night's dream", report

Hello hello.
It's been raining for all day today. We haven't seen this much rain for a little while, in London. I can not believe how temperature drops from 30° in few days ago and today..18° . I was wearing summer dress yesterday and now, I want to have a hot chocolate and big thick winter socks...

Anyway, I would like to share a lovely sake evening at Medlar restaurant in last month. (sorry.. i know its little late..)

Medlar restaurant is stands on King's Road, owned by two talented people Joe and David. They used to work great top restaurant in UK then they've opened Medlar in 2011 (←on my birthday!!). Since then, they've been satisfying many taste buds. 

So, I've been introduced by Elyse from Japan Gourmet to this lovely restaurant. I used to live not too far from there but I've never been there before our first meeting. 
As soon as I entered the private dining room, the wall size SW map will welcomed me. I just loved the atmosphere. Middle of the busy Kings road (a bit off from the busiest area but still) yet,  so quiet and calm.  
So we've decided to have a sake event with Medlar restaurant. 

It was a big challenge for me and Elyse to match with Japanese sake and dishes in Medlar. As "French food with global influence" concept dishes, variety of flavour and textures were just out of my imagination. 

But we've came up to match with four types of sake with four course tasting menu. 


それはそうと、大分遅くなりましたが、先月主催したMedlar restaurantでの第17回日本酒の会のレポートです。

Medlar restaurantは、チェルシーの中心を通る、キングスロードにあります。それぞれミシュランスターを保持するトップレストランで腕を磨いたJoeとDavidは、2011年にMedlar restaurantをオープンしました。(しかも私の誕生日に! え?どうでも良い。。?)

このレストランを紹介してくれたのは、日本酒ディストリビューターJapan Gourmet  のElyseでした。以前、この近辺からそれほど遠く無い所に住んでいたにも拘らず、このレストランには足を運んだ事がありませんでした。個室に通してもらうと、壁一面に広がる郵便番号“SW”の地図が出迎えてくれました。雰囲気は外の喧噪とは打って変わって、とても静かで、穏やかな雰囲気。直ぐに、気に入ってしまいました。

Medlar restaurant、"French food with global influence"というのが料理のスタイルなだけに、本当に私達にとっても大きな挑戦でした。味は勿論、香り、食感、全てが私の予想を遥かに超えていました。


First course
Gazpacho with scallop tartare, fresh almonds and cherry
  with Ikekame Turtle Blue, Ginjo 
そして日本酒は、池亀 吟醸

I must say, this was the real "wow factor". Absolutely sensational beautiful marriage with gazpacho, cherry and scallops.. Nothing falling off, it was perfect matching. 

 Second course
Salad of confit quail legs, iberico ham, sairass ricotta, baby green peaches and pea flowers 
with Nanbu bijin Ume Rose, no sugar added plum sake
 そして日本酒は、南部美人 糖類無添加梅酒

The dry and very elegant Ume rose and gentle sweetness of this dish was complement each other SO well.

Third course
 Roast skate with palourde clams, girolles, baba artichokes, fennel puree and sea aster
with with Katsuyama "En", Tokubetsu Junmai
一緒に頂いた日本酒は、勝山“縁” 特別純米

This dish has a lot of sea flavour. But the aromatic modern Junmai, Ktsuyama "En" was just blends very very well. 

Fourth course
English strawberries with Prosecco jelly, mint and lime granita, strawberry sorbet and meringues
with Ninki Ichi Sparkling, Junmai Ginjo

It was fresh, light, elegant and so summery... Both sake and dessert had same concept and it didn't go wrong. They were made for each other! 

We had wonderful evening at Medlar, served by super happy and passionate staffs. 
It was definitely "a midsummer nights' dream", and one of the best sake matching of all.
Million thanks to Medlar's staffs, David, Joe, Amy and super talented(another one?! I know, there is so many talented people works at there..) Clemen the Head sommelier also helped me so much. 
And off course Elyse, who worked with me by side to make this event wonderful. 

Thanks to all and I hope we can do another sake tasting challenge together! 

Medlarのスタッフの皆さん、 David、 Joe、Amy それから素晴らしい才能をお持ちの、ヘッドソムリエClemenさん、感謝感謝 です。それから、今回のイベントを成功させるにあたり、一緒に頑張ってくれたElyseにも大感謝です。


Medlar restaurant 
438 King's Rd, 
Chelsea, London 
SW10 0LJ, 
United Kingdom
+44 20 7349 1900 

Japan Gourmet (UK) Ltd
9 Aria House, 5-15 Newton Street,
London WC2B 5EN,UK
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