Thursday, 3 March 2011

sake seminar by Yoshida san from tedorigawa

Mr Yasuyuki Yoshida from Tedorigawa brewery visited London, and gave us a seminar and tasting for our staff.
Mr Yasuyuki is son of the Mr Ryuichi Yoshida president of Tedorigawa brewery in Ishikawa Prefecture.
Mr Yasuyuki is now living in Brighton to study English. Asami from World sake imports is being the big sister of Mr Yasuyuki, she is correcting his English and give some advice for him to do seminar.
Bless Mr Yasuyuki, he was so nervous and really shocked with number of staffs at the seminar. Many staffs attended for seminar and we run out the handout and sake, but all staffs behaved really well and listen carefully what Mr Yasuyuki was talking.
After the seminar, Asami, Mr Yasuyuki and Asami's husband had lunch. The father of Mr Yasuyuki always gives us great support and help, so I wanted to return the favor to Mr Yasuyuki with some special experience at our restaurant.
They stayed until last order, and I had a really good time serving them too.
先日、現在はブライトンに住む、手取川の息子さんの吉田泰之さんにお越し頂き、スタッフ向けにテイスティング+セミナーをして頂きました。 いつもしっかり者のWorld sake inportsの麻微さんが、ビシバシと吉田さんの英語からセミナーの進め方までをチェック。さすが、本当に頼もしい限りの麻微さんです。


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