Sunday, 25 July 2010

Somen vs Hiyamugi

Somen and Hiyamugi are looks so similar.
Both Somen and Hiyamugi are usually served cold with dipping sauce. The dipping sauce is usually Bonito flakes (=Katsuo Bushi) based, and Spring onion, Myoga ginger bud, or ginger to add some extra flavour. In the summer ice-cold somen and hiyamugi are popular dish.

Do you know what is the difference between Somen and Hiyamugi?

Somen is made with wheat flour, salt, water and some oil (such as sesame oil) and less than 1.3mm in diameter. Noodle dough are stretched carefully to make one long strip of somen . This process of ripening and stretching is repeated several times to make Somen. The entire process consists of eleven steps.

Hiyamugi is made with flour, salt and water, and less than 1.3mm to 1.7mm diameter in size.
After preparing noodle dough, forming the noodle dough into a noodle sheet. And cut into thin size like pasta.
Hiyamugi is used to be eaten in winter season, but today we can see any time in the Japanese food shop.


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