Sunday, 24 June 2012

chicken dumpling soup from the little paris kitchen

I've being sick for a week.
The weather become better and thinking to put my summer dress out.... I've got a flue.
I was really stressed to take day off from work but after couple of days in bed, I've given up to stress about it. 

This chicken dumpling soup from "the little Paris kitchen" saved me. 
It is so easy to make, delicious and strait after I had this soup, I felt I'm getting well.

始めは仕事を休む事にストレスを感じ、具合の悪い身体を引きずる思いで仕事に行ったのですが、 そんなストレスも寝込んでいるうちにあきらめがつきました。

この、チキンのスープは、"the little Paris kitchen"からのレシピです。

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