Tuesday, 7 May 2013

i'm back in shape

It's been so long again, since I've updated my blog last time. 
Well... this is the reason why I couldn't.

Since we came back from honeymoon last year, I had a really hectic work schedule. 
And after the summer we've found out something is growing in my tummy... 
I've been feeling sick and exhausted all the time. (I'm sure many mum has experienced this or even worth than me!!) I had no appetite at all. I couldn't even eat salad and feel like literally hangover everyday from morning until I sleep...  
I had a flue several times and worst experience was I've got a influenza and pneumonia... House hunting and on top of that I've worked for at least 60 hours in a week until 5 weeks before I gave birth. I had quite rough 9 months pregnancy experience. 

But finally I can deliver good news now and I'm so pleased he's born healthy. 
This is my son, Hugo. Born in 3rd April.

So I'm finally, definitely back in a shape!! 
Thank you for following me!





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