Sunday, 7 July 2013

wellcome to my island?!

I have got so many books that wish to translated in English, and in Japanese.
I'm obsessed with books and I used to own so many books when I was in Tokyo. (If Thomas heard what I say, he'd telling me we have enough books here too...)

This is one of the book that I love, called the "Nanimo nakute Yutakana shima" (means rich island because its nothing) written by Katsuhiko Sakiyama. 
He used to be a CEO of large publisher in Japan. After 30 years of being workaholic businessman, he decided to buy a small island called Caohagan island in Philippine, and moved to this island with his wife.
The island is filled with fresh fruits and fresh seafood. In this book, there is many stories of fabulous life with 350 islanders without any sort of gadget and financing, creating law. 
Such a simple life that way far from where I am right now and if I have a choice to live like him, what would I do...? 

Speaking of Island, I've heard about Island Sitter job.
I think there is many different duties depends on the island, but this is the example...

Contract: 12 hours work in a month, for 6 months
Salary: £70,000
Applicants require: good swimming skills, no academic qualification needed, love of snorkeling, diving and other water sports.
Job: look after island, update blog/ website

It is not hard to say, best job in the world???

Caohagan Island (Japanese only)




仕事期間: 6ヶ月、月に12時間の労働
給料: £70,000
必要条件: 泳ぎが上手な事、学歴は無用、スノーケル、ダイビング等のウォータースポーツが好きである。
仕事内容: 島の管理、ブログやウェブサイトの更新



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