Saturday, 19 October 2013

have a fabulous weekend!

How was your week??

Well, my week were pretty slow but it was good week, I must say. 
Because we finally found lovely lovely nanny for Hugo!! So that mean, I can return to work sometime soon. 

Thomas never give me a call when he is at work. Text message is three or four times in "a week". 
But he called me when he was at work in this week. I thought something is wrong. 
Guess what he told me... 
He was so excited to telling me that one of his guest today, she's looks exactly like Edna "E" Mode. 
We didn't talk anything else. 

Well, here is the favorite post in this week.

Cool Halloween table decoration from hello lucky!

Again, the beautiful photos from  タイな日々。mimi de' cafe 休業中。 Just looking at her photo, makes me so chill out...

Here is the really cool handmade wooden Lego, from Man Made

Such a cute♥ card for new born. From Colpa in San Fransisco

Actually quite cool but looks so odd pillow from Kick Starter

It is still mid October, but many people doing fire works already in my neighbor.. Seems like Hugo is disturbed by the noise and I'm very worry about the Guy Fawkes. It will be mad around where I live. Because there is a Huge park just behind our house. X-( 
I know it will be just for one day (I hope..), but for everybody who has cats, dogs and baby... you are not alone.   

Have a fabulous weekend!!



お昼にきたお客さんが、Edna "E" Mode.にそっくりだったんですって。もの凄く興奮して教えてくれて、話し終わったら気が済んだのか、特に話す事も無く電話を切りました。電話してくれたのは嬉しかったけど、なんかねぇ…。


ハロウィーンのテーブルデコレーションがとても素敵なhello lucky! 

見ているだけでホントーに癒される写真一杯のタイな日々。mimi de' cafe 休業中。 

手作りのレゴがすごくいい味出してる、Man Made


一見びっくりだけど、実は寝心地良いのかも、なKick Starter 

花火のプシュ〜、パーン!と言う音に眠りを阻害され気味のヒュウゴ、かわいそうです。そこで今からちょっと心配なのがGuy Fawks(ガイフォークス)。家の裏手が大きな公共の公園なので、花火が凄そうです…。一日だけとは言え、この音に悩まされる赤ちゃん、ワンちゃん、それからネコちゃんのいる皆さん、なんとか乗り越えましょうね。


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