Sunday, 23 June 2013

new seasonal sake: Ninki ichi

The Ninki brewery is located in Nihonmatsu City in the Fukushima prefecture, surround by the Abukuma mountain ranges to the east and Adatara Mountain ranges to the west.
Run-off snow melt gives Ninki brewery a natural water source with a good balance of minerals which is essential for producing high-grade Sake.
Mr Yujin Yusa is 19th generation president of Ninki brewery, and he is only use locally-grown sake rice to brew their sake also they don't brew lower than Ginjo types.
He believes that the good sake should only have a supporting role at the table: it must complement the seasonal dishes being served.
Also he's aim to deliver sake to all drinkers could have a sip everyday. So they are not too rich or strong, they provide wide range of good balanced sake and shochu.

Ninki Brewery is a very small brewery and all sake production is hand-crafted using traditional methods and traditional wooden tools.
The name Ninki translates as "popularity", but the company is now branding Ninki as "Man (Nin) makes sake by their soul (Ki)".
They have also added the suffix "Ichi", meaning "One", to their name to show that they aim to be number.

This is the range of sake that you can enjoy only in Zuma restaurant.

Ninki ichi "Ki" Uma-karakuchi
subtle aromas of cotton candy and a hint of green apple; light bodied with a crisp dry finish.

Ninki ichi "Kuro", Junmai Ginjo
light bodied, elegant and refreshing, delivering a touch of Japanese herbs and fresh cucumber on the palate.  

Ninki ichi "Gold", Junmai Daiginjo 
medium bodied with a hint of chestnut and honey comb with a peppery dry finish



そして彼が目指す酒、”良い酒” の示す本当の意味。

人気一 黄 旨辛口

人気一 黒 純米吟醸

人気一 ゴールド 純米大吟醸


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