Monday, 26 July 2010

Tsuruume no Ume shu

When I came to England in 2005, Ume shu was just started to become popular in Tokyo. Most of the Izakaya were on list many different types of Umeshu. Green tea Ume shu, Cloudy Ume shu, Brown sugar Ume shu, Honey Ume shu... etc.
I don't think the market is over the moon as used to be, anymore.
But still I don't know how many types of Ume shu are exist, today.

In the such a nice sunny afternoon, I've tasted this delicious Ume shu, called Tsuruume no Ume shu.
The producer is Heiwa shuzou, from Okayama Prefecture.
This Tsuruume no Umeshu were made with Nanko-bai, which is most well known and premium plum. The Nankobai has usually small seeds and thin skin. So that means more Umami in plum pulp than any other type of plum, also could avoid unnecessary flavors that usually come form seed.

It has such a intense sweet ripe stone fruits nose. Aroma is more like apricot or peach than plum. Clean and nice orange-ish caramel color. On the palate is not so rich as on the nose. It is sweet but clean not sticky sweet... delicious.
It is premium but this is the ume shu that you can sit back on sofa and relax in front of TV, or beside of large bowl of vanilla ice cream...mmm that's sounds more like "me".



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