Wednesday, 29 December 2010


A friend of mine Alix recommended me to go to his local Italian restaurant in Fulham.
The white truffle season had just started, and he told me Gola does really good menu for white truffle.
Alix booked a table for Tom and I. I was so excited to visit the restaurant and having luxurious white truffle menu....

I ordered buffalo cheese and salad for starter and Thomas ordered thinly sliced beef carpaccio style. And both of them served with shaved white truffle on top. We started from 5g of truffle.
It was quite a big portion for the starter, and it was so delicious. We were thinking to ask more truffle on top before we start to eat but white truffle were very very aromatic. I think it was enough.
スターターに私が選んだのは、とろとろのバッファローチーズとサラダ、そしてトーマスは薄切りビーフのカルパッチョ。私達の両方の前菜には、テーブルで白トリュフを削ってもらいました。トリュフは5gからスタートで、お好みで何グラムでも追加できますが、さすが旬のものだけあってかなり香りが強い!! 始めは5gで丁度良かったと思います。前菜のポーションが結構多かったのにもびっくりでした。

Then both Tom and I had homemade pasta with truffle on top, again.
The pasta were really really really tasty. Texture was spot on! just perfectly cooked for me and I enjoyed every mouthful of it.
One more thing, I was really happy the staff was very kind and so helpful. The manager who looks a bit like Russell Crowe, (who is standing at the bar on the photo below) has a great passion for wine and food. His father picked and sent him truffles from italy, and that's why he can get white truffle at a more reasonable price than usual market price.

White truffle is rare and is considered a delicacy anywhere in the world. White truffle come from Langhe area in Piemond in Northern Italy, also France, Croatia and Slovenia. They are growing about approximately 30cm underground among the root of oak tree, hazel trees, pine trees and hornbeam where they are from a symbiotic relationship with their environment.
The fresh white truffle has a pale cream or white brown color. White truffle are more expensive than black ruffle. This year, the white truffles were going for about £2500 per kilo for the trade. As a consumer, on your plate it would mean a lot more!!!


We had jingseng coffee. I can not drink coffee, but it was delicious. But I could not sleep and disturbed Tom all night long.

And truffle grappa to finish our festive dinner of white truffle.
We were so full and quite drunk and very happy and fully satisfied.

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