Wednesday, 29 December 2010

sam gye tang for lunch

Sam gye tang is one of my favorite Korean chicken soup.
A whole chicken stuffed with ginseng roots, mochi rice/ sweet rice (very sticky rice use for make rice cake), garlic, chestnuts, pine nuts and dried seeded jujube fruits and cooked in water for 5 to 8 hours.
The chicken become extremely soft and juice are comes out from out of everything. I like this because so healthy and very cozy....

Luckily, I had a opportunity to try home made sam gye tang at friend of mine Keiko-san's place.
She cooked chicken for over 8 hours (I know, 8 hours!!) and removed bones, skins and ginseng.
We also had some Kimchi, Korean seaweed, and Gokoku mai which is mixed 5 grains and rice.
Gokokumai is extremely healthy way to eat rice. It is usually mixed white rice with brown rice, foxtail millet, proso millet, echinochloa esculenta, barley...etc.
brown rice has more nutrition and lower GI than white rice. Also Gokokumai is improve nutrition and slow down eating pace... (you have to chew more) which is good for your digestive system.
I've enjoyed sam gye tang very very much and stayed until quite late.
It was lovey afternoon....


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  1. ありがとー!!こんなにおいしそうに写真取ってくれていたなんて感激です。しかも私の駆け出しブログ、フォロワー第一号がサトミさんだなんて幸先イイワ。フォロワーのシステムとか実はまだ良く分かってないけどちょっとずつ追いつきまあす。今はウェブサイト作成に悪戦苦闘の日々なり。(苦笑)


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