Sunday, 24 July 2011

night at hakkasan

I had a opportunity to go back to Hakkasan with Mr Sakurai and Ms Iida from Asahi shuzo.
It was first time to visit new Hakkasan's brunch in Mayfair. I've been to original Hakkasan year ago. But I couldn't go back since then... I don't know why.
When I arrived at restaurant I saw a familiar face and they well come us very nice.
We started with a glass of champagne and of course we having special guest from Asahi shuzo, we started to drink sake.
The selection of sake was not so big but they have carefully selected nice sake on the menu.
I've asked to our waiter to make menu for us since we open the menu and couldn't decide what we want to try.
He was great.
He chosen really nice selection of dishes, and include few popular "Hakkasan"s menu.
I was really impressed with food tonight.

We started with beautifully presented starter such as selections of dim sum, sesame prawn toast with foie gras and duck salad etc.
Then we had some more fantastic dishes....
We had amazing experience, and every staffs looked after us so much!!

Mr Sakurai and Ms Iida were telling me a lot of funny stories from their trip.
We laughed a lot, eat a lot and drink a lot of sake... it was great night.




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