Monday, 7 October 2013

happy 6 months old!

"Time flies"

That is the word every friend of mine who has kids told me.
Now I feel the time passes even faster than before. 

Hugo became 6 months old in last week. 
I still can not believe he‘s been living for 6 months in this world already?? I am forgetting how I felt when I was pregnant. How big my belly was??  And how heavy my legs were...?
I am still losing my hair after gave birth, my whist is never recover from inflammation, because I've been holding him at all the time and on top of that, I had really bad blocked back twice in last month. I know, I am definitely getting old even faster. 

When I was pregnant, I've been working so much and I read baby book only time to time. So I didn't even know what the "show" is.(shame on me!!) I've got so scared when I saw it first time. However I had plan to go to work to do staff training on the day I had my first "show", so I went. 
Then early next morning, I wake up with dull stomachache. I didn't thought this is it. But when I realized it is the real contraction, I was so relieved that it's started today. Not the middle of the staff training yesterday...
And I realized the contraction is nothing like in a film... (you know, the lady jumped off from the chair and say "OMG!! the baby is coming!!")

When midwife told me I can come to the hospital, we call the taxi and driver was extremely excited to take us to the hospital. So sweet.  
When we arrived at the delivery word, I saw other 2 ladies in waiting room looks like in a contraction. And I could hear the somebody else in the room somewhere, just giving birth. She was screaming and swearing. I was pleased that I requested epidural on my birth plan. I don't think I am not that strong as this lady...

When I've lay down on the bed with monitors on and epidural in, I was so relaxed and Thomas and I were both fall in asleep. I don't know how long we've slept, but midwife was next me and checking the monitor at all the time, even while I was sleeping. I felt, I can trust this person. 

After 10 minutes of push, Hugo was born in the afternoon. We didn't know baby's genders and when we saw our baby is a boy, I called him "HUGO!!" He was still crying. 

Thomas was so excited and emotional like any dad. I was so so relieved that finally I can meet with our healthy baby boy. And I've whispered to him, "don't worry, I'll promise you to protect you, no matter what happens". Thomas didn't hear what we've promised. 

After everything settled, Thomas run to the shop and got some cured hams, selection of soft cheese, some baguette, dessert with creams and chocolates... something that I've been avoiding for 9 months. I won't forget that moment when I taste them.  
Next day, we've got discharged. We were so thrilled to take new family home. We've tried not to make ANY noise. But sooner realized, he is ok. He will be sleeping. 

On his 4th day, he's got really bad jaundice. He didn't take any milk for almost 24 hours. We had to take him to the E&A, after several conversations and phone calls and argument with hospital, midwife and local health visitors. We've called probably everybody who is around our local for help. But nobody did.   
So Hugo and I had to stay in hospital for 1 week until hes weight reach to the safe zone and jaundice completely gone. 
It was most stressful, painful(because of my stitches, without any pain killer has given), tired week in my life. I had to feed him with tube through from his nose every 2 hours. And keep him under the blue light for treatment, make sure he is not taking eye mask off to protect his eyes from light. I couldn't sit down properly and walk properly.
I had to pump breast milk and wash the pump after, and sterilize them change nappies and so on...., literally I didn't sleep much.
I was dying to sleep on my own bed and eat fresh sandwich or vegetable soup.

When I think of this, I feel it was very very long time ago, definitely more than 6months ago. 
I am not sure if I am doing ok, am I being good mum, I might have made some mistakes already...?
But somebody told me, none of the mum is perfect in this world. Everybody made some mistakes even our own mum. 
Now, I really understand how my mum felt about having me. How precious baby I was for her. How she felt when she saw me at the first time. When I smiled at her or hold her hands.
I had very difficult teen age period(like many teen age kids), she must felt hart broken. If Hugo turn to like how I was, I would be crying every day.

Well, Hugo has turn to 6 months old in last week. 
We've start to feeding solid food from last week and so far, he's been doing great. Finish his little portion of porridge without messing and crying. Hopefully he will be enjoying to  eating like we do. 

To the all mums and papas in the world, I am so happy to join you the special club, 
"The parents"!! 

Happy 6 months old my darling.




 病院に着くと待合室には私と同じ状況のお母さんが2人。そしてどこかの病室からはもの凄い叫び声とスウェアリングが。(いわゆる、このヤロー、クソー、コンチキショー見たいなお言葉です。) そこでホッとしたのが、エピドュラル(無痛分娩)を出産のプランに入れておいて良かったーと。


その後、10分程のプッシュ、プッシュ!!のかけ声であっという間に産まれたのがヒュウゴ。性別を産まれるまでのお楽しみにしていたので、先生が男のだよーと産まれたばかりの小さなヒュウゴを見せてくれました。私達は、男の子と女の子用の名前を二つ用意していたので、ヒュウゴだ!!ヒュウゴ?! と呼びかけたけど、ヒュウゴはまだエンエン泣いていました。


近所の医者や、地域のミドワイフや病院へも電話し、あっちへ、こっちへとたらい回しにされ、最終的にはキレたトーマスの判断で救急病院へ。 いつもは優柔不断で何にも決められないのに、あんなに怒って即決したトーマスは見た事無かったです。



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