Saturday, 12 November 2011

warm sake seminar by Kamoizumi

It was an honor to attend sake seminar organized by World sake imports and Kamoizumi sake brewery.
I love Nigori from Kamoizumi and we have both Nigori and Shusen Junmai Ginjo at our restaurant. Kamoizumi brewery is stands in Saijo City where north part of Hiroshima prefecture since 1912. Hiroshima is Japan’s top three brewing area. Due to the clean soft water makes fantastic sake. It was already very famous since 300years ago.
We tried two different types of sake. One is Shusen Junmai ginjo and other one is Zoka.
Mr Maegaki told us about the secret of the label. The big Chinese character on the label, which means “sake” and it was written by one of the 206th generations monk from Todai Temple in Nara.
And on the left side of the label, it is a poem. So this poem is writing about sake.
“The sake that you served me it was so delicious and  I got tipsy.. Because of that sake”
Also the red line on top of the label, it is based on the custom of the Geisha/ Maiko in early time…
When Geisha/ Maiko wrote a letter to their favorite customer, they will take some lipstick from their lips and make a line on top of the paper…. which means you are her favorite/ special customer… that I found very elegance of Japanese culture.
過日、光栄にも広島県、賀茂泉の前垣さん、そしてWorld sake importsのあさみさんによる、日本酒のセミナーに参加する事が出来ました。
そして、朱泉のラベルの上部に描かれている赤い線、(朱=赤、 泉=線)は、芸者さんや、舞子さんがお得意や、特別なお客様に手紙を書き、便せんの上部に自分の口紅を引いた事でそのお客様に特別な思い入れをお届けする、といった粋な習慣から来ているそうです。そういうの、日本てやっぱり素敵だなぁって思いますよね。

We tried 4 different serving temperatures.
I really liked room temperature. Because when it room temperature, sweetness is increase.
It was just perfect temperature that I thought.
Yuki hie which is snow cold, it was not good at all for me. Jokan which is around 45℃ and Nurukan around 40℃ were also interested. I enjoyed room temperature than Nurukan or Jokan.
He also advised us that if the food has enough sweetness we can serve as chilled or Jokan which doesn’t taste sweetness. If you are having less umami food, you can have sake as room temperature or nurukan, so then you can taste more creamy and depth of the sake. It was very good to know. 
So for the next day, Mr Maegaki visited our restaurant to do exclusive sake training for our staff. How lucky we are, they are so tight schedule even though they came to train our staffs. Thank you very much…

So most of the staffs were really enjoyed the training. We tried Shusen , as same as yesterday and Kamoizumi Nigori.
Some of the staffs asked about the history of the hot sake or regarding Shusen’s unique characteristics, about aging, alcohol volume, food matching…etc. It was really nice to having him and tell us about his passion and his work.
Once again, Thank you so much for your time and I’m look forward to seeing you again!!

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