Sunday, 5 August 2012

new korean restaurant in clapham junction

 This is the recently opened new Korean restaurant in Clapham Junction. 
There is quite a lot of restaurant around in this area, and a lot of competition there. When I went there for dinner, the restaurant was full. 

I love Korean food. They are a lot of vegetables and seafood or meat with spices used for most of the dishes. Many people still hasn't discovered yet, but it is really healthy and yummy cuisine. 
I personally can not eat very hot spiced food, even though I can enjoy many dishes. 

こちらが、最近Clapham Junctionにオープンした韓国料理店です。


We've ordered Kimchee pancake and special steamed dumpling to start.
And we had a Yukke Bibimbap and Bulgogi.  

Yukke Bibimbap is rice with top of a lot of vegetables and beef tartar and egg york. It could be served in hot stone bowl or normal ceramic bowls. I prefer stone bowl. While you mixing them stone slowly cooking the ingredient and keep it warm. 
And Bulgogi is marinated barbeque beef. Usually beef is really tender and meat is so tasty. It was served with fresh lettuce. And you can wrap Bulgogi and even little rice with lettuce.  

It was delicious.
I had lovely meal with a pot of Soju (distilled korean spirits/ liken to Shochu) with sliced cucumber.

Including my self, I think many people has experienced uncomfortable feeling to enter the restaurant with full of people with same nationality.  Like, Chinese restaurant with only chinese people or Japanese restaurant with FULL of Japanese (not for me this one), but Hana has really well coming staffs and clean modern decor is also nice. 
If you never try Korean food, please try at Hana. 

60 Battersea Rise 
Sw11 1EG
020 7228 2496


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