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memories in a womb

In Japan, there is so many parents are talking about "memories in a womb" and you'd be able to read thousands of posts as well as they're experience on many website. 

Basically baby/kid has a memory while they were in the womb. Apparently most of them still has a memory until 2 - 4 years old. After that age, they will forget abut being in the womb or mixed up memories and reality. Only few people are still carry that memories until they get old.

When I've heard about this, I didn't believe it at all. It would be amazing if you or your baby remember things like that, but really... ? Then I've read few website here and there. I thought it really amazing to hear how your child felt while their fetus. And some of the post makes me teary eyes. The amount of the people who's posting amazing and such a cute story.
According to most of the website, the best time to ask to your baby is when they are calm and relaxing. For example, laying down and just before go to sleep or when they taking a bath.  
Well, this is the example... They were tolled by 2-4 years old baby/kid. So just imagine, the tone of the voice is very cute.

Mother: what did you do in mommy's stomach?
Daughter: I was spinning around.
Mother: Do you remember how you come out from mommy's stomach?? 
Daughter: somebody grab here and here (her under the arms), and pulling me. 
                 It was so bright and I was scared. So I cried...
Baby were born as C section, Dr grabbed her under arms to pull her out. Nobody has ever told her about it. 

Son: When mommy is crying, I was looking at mommy with my friends from the sky.
         And and, I thought I have to go NOW!! then I jumped from the cloud and took slider to come down to mommy.  
Mother: How about when you were born??
Son: I was spinning and here (right shoulder) were hurt. Then it was difficult to breath, but soon I saw something bright and I've heard mommy calling my name.
The mother were trying to have a baby for 8 years and cried all the time.     
When she's giving birth, the baby's shoulder were stuck and midwife told her to breath, then sooner he was born. Only her and her husband know about this. And nobody ever told him about similar stories at school/home.

Mother: what did you do when you were in mommy's stomach? 
Son: I was swimming, like this (gesture of swimming)
        and sitting like this.(gesture of sitting hugging knees)

Auntie: what did you do when you where in mommy's stomach?
Nephew: I've been always hungry in the warm water. And I pull the rope, but nothing come out... 
              I've heard Papa were calling me.
The rope is probably the umbilical cord

Kid: When I came out from mommy's stomach, the snake came together. 
Mother: really?? where was it??
Kid: here... (pointing his stomach)
Mother: where that snake has gone??
Kid: I don't know... 
Apparently mother had a goose bumps

Mother: why you choose mommy and daddy?
Son: I wanted to meet mommy and daddy!
Mother: Why did you wanted to meet us?
Son: because I wanted to meet mommy and daddy, and I wanted to tell I love you!!

Kid: xxx-!!(the name of the baby) I was waiting for you!! Well come to our family! Thank you!!
The kid suddenly talking this. Apparently mother told her baby when she saw her baby first time. Only she would remember this.

Do you believe those? Well, it is really up to us. Maybe some kids doesn't remember or not feel like talk about it....
But for sure, I'd definitely ask Hugo when he's grown up a little bit. Hope he'd speaks by that time, but as I speak to him in Japanese and Thomas speak to him in French, so he may not start to talk that early (according to few friends).

Even if he don't tell us anything, hope he'd remember Thomas were reading story everynight until he's born to this world...







子: ママとパパに会って、大好きって言いたかったの。

子:xxxー!!(自分の名前) 待ってたよー。良く来たねー、ありがとうねー。



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