Friday, 12 July 2013

nothing to waste...

I used to have a dog called Jake in Tokyo.
He was a little sausage dog (kaninchen dachshund!) with full of energy and he loved to chew toilet rolls and make a mess all over the house.
Sadly he's past 4 years ago after he's been my little brother and best friend.  
He was my life.

The art is not only found on the canvas or in the museum. If somebody said old milk cap is a piece of art, it would be. Kid's drawing, some famous person's foot mark, or even old news paper that just picked up from the bin, if you fold the nice origami bird with it, it will be the art too...  

The french artist, Anastassia Elias who is creating this beautiful world inside of the toilet rolls. Toilet rolls are definitely not rubbish. For her and my Jake. Just change the way you look at them, anything could be a piece of art. 
And a toy... 



フランス人のアーティスト、Anastassia Eliasは、このとても素敵な世界をトイレットペーパーの芯の中に作り出しています。


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