Friday, 4 October 2013

have a exciting weekend!

It was busy week... 
Thomas had norovirus since last Thursday and he's been staid at home as a "cabbage" for all week.
I was really affraid to catch the virus but after cleaning everything with almost a bottle of sterilizer and quarter bottle of breech, me and Hugo were both fine. (it was extreme and I felt bad to him though...)
Thomas has returned to work today.

So in this week I looked at those blogs...

Kids Halloween costume ideas from Oh Happy Day!

My favorite wooden+bricks decor from desire to inspire 

Cute Kids party invite from Hello! Lucky 

Photos from my favorite city Seattle.... LOVELY INDEED 

Happy news from simply breakfast

Beautiful sun+beach photos in Thailand... So chilling. Visit タイな日々。mimi de' cafe 休業中。

have a exciting weekend!!


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