Sunday, 27 October 2013

have a great week!!

How are you all??

It was quite busy week for me.
Thomas got two days off!!(usually one day off or none...) so we had lunch at Sumosan in Mayfair.  
I had few meetings and it went pretty well.  

Also I've attended to Kyushu islands' promotion event. Kyushu is 3rd largest island in Japan and there is 7 prefecture in the island.
So, at this event, the each prefecture had a desk and display they're brochure, sake/shochu and special product from the region. I was accommodated to help Saga prefecture.   
I was serving sake to the guests and explain about it. I also served to British Labour Party Politisian and journalist, Paul Farrelly. I was surprised with him because he is really interested into sake. 
I had very good time to talk about sake to gusts, for once in a while! 

So here is my favorite post.

I've never heard so crazy thing in my life, wine for cat called Nyan Nyan Nouveau

Washoku, Japanese cuisine listed on UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list from The Asian Shinbun

Such a beautiful Halloween idea and cute baby costumes from Martha Stewart

Cool travel agency's brand design from WE AND THE COLOR

wonderful Ikea employee's house decor from desire to inspire


Ian: I have to diet... I think my belly becoming beer belly...

Aya: Shall we start jogging?? 

Ian: I told you, I never like running. 

Aya: how about ab exercise??

Ian: I'm IT programmer, not boxer. 

Aya: are you fancy for wine?

Ian: ...yes.

When I read this, I remember my beer belly that I had about 4 years ago.
Well, it was not beer belly yet, but I could see my tummy getting bigger even though I was not pregnant...
When I came to England, I started drinking beer more than ever.
And I think it was 4 years ago, I was drinking beer everyday.
One night, I was sitting on my sofa, drinking beer, listening to music and doing some search on internet. Thomas came back home and told me "you are looks like Wagyu!" He was pointing at me and laughing. Because this Japanese beef Wagyu(you may know Kobe beef, Matsuzaka beef, Yonezawa beef... they are all Wagyu and grown up in different area in Japan), has been fed beer, massaged everyday and listen to music to relax.
So I am Japanese and drinking beer while listening music. He thought I am like one of them.
(Don't worry, I gave him a very nice, huge kick on his bottom.) 

Since that night I stop drink beer for about 2 years. I didn't even touch them. :-(

Well, there is a warning as storm approach in England. Apparently it will be the biggest storm since 1987. I really hope not many people is affecting by this storm... 
Well, I wanted to update this post before the weekend, but it is too late!
So I'd say have a great week!!



各県がそれぞれ分かれて、日本酒/焼酎や件の特産品、広告等々をディスプレイし、宣伝すると言う物でしたが、私のお手伝いはお酒を提供し、説明する事でした。下院議員、労働党のPaul Farrellyにお酒を試飲、説明する機会もありましたが、彼,意外にも日本酒や日本文化に興味が有って、驚きました。




ハロウィーンの飾りや、子供用のコスチュームアイディア等々Martha Stewart 

ファンキーな旅行会社のデザインWE AND THE COLOR

Ikeaのスタッフのお家ですって、desire to inspire 

そして、気になるイアンのダイエット、英国男子と国際結婚 @ロンドン 

“だってサトミは日本人で、そしてビールを飲みながら音楽聞いてるなんて、和牛だね!” (後に大きなケリを入れました) 




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