Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mikotsuru Origarami 御湖鶴 おりがらみ

Hishitomo sake brewery was established in 1918 at Nagano prefectrue.
Nagano was host to the 1998 Winter Olympics, which gained the prefecture international recognition as well as gaining the prefecture a Shinkansen (known as "bullet train") line to Tokyo.
Nine of the twelve highest mountains in Japan can be found in this inland prefecture. Nagano is also the prefecture which is bordered by the highest number of other prefectures in Japan and it contains the location which is the furthest point from the ocean anywhere in Japan. Many tourists visit Nagano to enjoy hot springs and montain resorts.
In this region were famouse of the obsidian stone in Jomon period (14000 BCE to 400 BCE). And water from this area are somehow workes very well with alcohol.
Mikotsuru Origarami Junmai
Rice: Hitogokochi
Polished ratio: 60%
AVB 15.5%
It has elegant aromas of ripe melon, a hint of fresh mint, and green apple skin. It is qute dry but it has a delicate sweetness come through in the middle... The finish is very clean and I could feel minerality and clean acidity on the palate.
Almost savoury aftertaste.
I'd say... this sake will pare well with meaty white fish such as turbot, or seabass sashimi. I think best serving temperature is child not warm. And this is great partner with food but great on its own...
Hishiotomo Brewery
菱友醸造株式会社 (ひしともじょうぞう)
Tel: 0266-27-8109
FAX: 0266-27-8205


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