Sunday, 24 October 2010

soba noodle making class

So, after we checked out the hotel, we were off to Soba noodle make.
Soba is a type of Japanese noodle made with buckwheat flower.
It is usually served chilled with dipping sauce or with hot soup as a noodle soup.

We've washed our hands with alcohol and start to make soba.
It was really simple. But it was very difficult to make for beginners like us. Most important thing was speed. If takes too long to make soba, the dough get dried and it wouldn't be good quality.

Final stage, cutting was very difficult to keep same size of the noodle all the way down. And knife was very heavy.

After we finished soba making, we move to the restaurant area.
And received a bottle of sake (as usual) and scoop of toasty sweet miso with leek and buckwheat.
It was pared well with sake, so much.

We had our own soba noodle.
I was very surprised to see my soba noodle looks so much bigger than when I've cut. I've tried to cut my dough as thin as possible, but look at mine!... Once again, I understoo how difficult to make good soba... We've also received normal soba noodle that they usually serve to customers. As soon as we looked at it, we all laugh.

Before we go to catch train, we visited to famous cliff just around the corner.
It was very scary and super high. I was not feel comfortable at all.

next trip will be Nagano... to be continued...


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