Saturday, 21 September 2013

baby spa

Have you ever heard about "baby spa"??
Not mum-to-be or postnatal spa... it is spa for a baby.
I didn't believe it when we received a voucher as a gift for Hugo. But after I've learned more about the place, I was so excited to visit there.

The baby spa is located in the quiet square, off Kensington Church street.  
When you get inside, you'll be asked to remove the shoes, and take baby and a nappy(for after the spa) with you and go to the pool. If baby is hungry, they have to feed before. When everything is ready, it's a time to float!!

When we went there first time, Hugo seems very nerves. He was holding the floater with both hands whole time. After the spa, he's got massage which is he liked it very much. 

We've been there 3 times already. And each time we could see the progress. Hugo feels more relaxing, confident and enjoying to float in the water. He's learn to kick the wall, so he could move faster instead of kicking water.  And every time when he manage to do this "big kick", he is smiling. So funny.
On our previous visit, there is a tiny baby who is also floating in the same pool with Hugo, started to cry. 
I've never seen Hugo cries after other baby is crying. But this time, he's lower lips were getting bigger and bigger. In the end he wasn't stop crying until Laura pick him up. 

We've got 2 more sessions to go, and I realized how much baby could develop and how much Hugo is enjoying to get in the pool now. (he LOVES having a bath though)
So maybe I should look into baby swimming class in my local... 

This is perfect gift for any family, who has a baby up to 6 months old. 
I'm sure when you see the baby enjoying the spa, you'd feel emotional, like us!! x

  "baby spa"って聞いた事有ります?

このbaby spaはKensington Church streetの脇、静かな一角に有ります。
中に入ると、まず靴を脱ぎ、そして赤ちゃんと、おむつを持って(スパの後、直ぐに着けられるように)、 プールへ向います。





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