Monday, 22 March 2010

Okayama sake tasting

I went to sake tasting at Shoreditch town hall.
I can not remember when I've tried sake from Okayama prefecture last time...
So I was quite excited to try something new.

I was late.
When I having a meeting, I knew I'll be late...
I got out from tube station, then switch on my phone. I was so proud of my new i phone map.
3 sake brewers were waiting for me. I've joined to my colleague who already arrived 10 minutes ago.
The first sake that I've tried, it was Miyashita sake brewery.
I've tried Peach Nigori sake, Takarabune Junmai Ginjo, Harenokuni Okayama Junmai and plum sake "Soushun".
The peach Nigori sake was quite unique. It doesn't have peach taste. The color is light pink (peach) color. It has been made with "Okayama white peach yeast", found in white peach. It has creamy textured and touch of fresh acidity, very fruity and sweet nose. I liked it. I think I can drink one case of this. Additionally, this brewery makes beer as well. We were more interested with beer that made with Omachi sake rice.

Second brewer was Yoikigen sake brewery. "Yoikigen"?? sounds very unusual...
We've tried Yoikigen Daiginjo, Sora ao ao Junmai Ginjo, Renge no Mai and pear liquor.
Renge no mai is unpasteurized and made with rice that grown in Renge flower field. I thought this is made with Renge flower yeast, and has flowery charactor... but nothing like that. The sake was very elegant and delicate. I think, this sake would be nice to present for Mother's day or something, because of pretty colored bottle. Also I have to mention Pear liquor. It was almost feel like sipping crushed jelly, very very unusual style.

Last brewery was Muromachi sake brewery. I've tried Bizen Maboroshi Daiginjo, Bizen Maboroshi Junmai Ginjo, Kodawari Bikan zake(shu?) Honjozo and Gyu tto Teshibori Yuzu shu. Both Bizen Maboroshi Junmai Ginjo and Daoiginjo won the award in IWSC. more info about IWSC: I prefered Bizen Maboroshi Junmai Ginjo. And Yuzu shu was very pretty bottle. I'm sure this is great for PR.

Most of them were very unique. Sake in this region are quite rich charactor. I'm not sure if I want to put any of them in our sake list at the restaurant. I need to concider with price....

室町酒造 Muromachi sake brewery
宮下酒造 Miyashita sake brewery 

ヨイキゲン株式会社 Yoikigen sake brewery

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