Sunday, 16 May 2010


I've been living in Battersea for nealy 3 years. I like where I live.

There are many good places in Clapham Junction a good 15mins walk distance from our flat. But I'm desperate to take bus or cab (I think more cab..) after a few pints of beer.
I have two favourite places around my flat.
One is called The Ship. It's a pub which stands just by the river, and The Ship has a big terrace and BBQ grill space, with live bands on sunday.
I can not remember how many times I've been there in last summer.

かわいいカフェや、レストラン、バー、マーケットのあるClapham Junction駅にたどり着けるし、結構気にいっています。
The Shipといって、川に面したパブで大きなテラスがあり、夏はテラスの一角にある大きなBBQから煙がモクモク立ち上がります。日曜日にはテラスに設置されたステージでバンド演奏などもあります。特に天気の良かった昨年の夏、何度私達はここに来たか数えられないくらいです。

And the other place is a restaurant called Gazette.
This is a great authentic french restaurant close to the river in battersea.

There are two floors in the restaurant.
On the left side there are sofa, bar, table seats, and a good size terrace. And on the right side, which is the first floor... there are some more tables and 2 different private rooms that are decorated with french cooking books and wine bottles. All decorations are very old fashioned glass jar, sauce pan, books, and bits and pieces. Even I feel like a flash-back to my childhood. (even for Japanese girl!)

The food there is very homely. The great homemade onion soup comes in "le creuset" sauce pan, beef tartar which is hand-cut is always prepared in front of you also comes in a pan.
The butter they serve you at the beginning of the meal is from Bourdier, a small Brittany producer who still hand churn all his butters. There is plain butter which is very creamy, salt crystal butter which they serve in gazette and also seaweed butter. All are heaven on earth.

And the WINE LIST IS BIG and all of them are quite generously priced. We always have wine when we have a meal.

Gazette is changing menu every day and they are always serving seasonal foods.

They are all day dining, breakfast included and they have kids menu too.
Few selections of tea, cider, beer, freshly made smoothie...
It is great to refresh in summer after a walk around the river... or to warm up in winter with hot onion soup and nicely cooked cote de boeuf with spicy and full bodied red wine... We spent many evening and lunch over there.

"le creuset"のお鍋で出て来たり、テーブルの前で用意してくれる、牛のタルタルも、平たいお鍋がお皿代わりです。


ジューシーなcote de boeufをお腹いっぱい食べたり、ここで過ごした夜や、午後は数知れず、なのです。

I like this place. I'd like to recommend it to anybody who loves french home cooking...


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