Saturday, 12 November 2011

sake tasting night vol 6.

It was our 6th sake event. 
We picked newly opened restaurant Nopi.
Look at this semi private table in downstairs. isn't it pretty??
Honami, Sommelier of Nopi kindly arranging menu.... Thank you so much!!

So the idea of tasting today was sake and sunny Mediterranean with Japanese twist.
Honami already hold some sake on her wine list, but we didn't try them with dishes today. So it was good opportunity to try something else with her.
We start with Cataran Tart and Burrata with pink grapefruit.
We tried 4 different sake to find out which sake is the best match.
Cataran tart with sake number 1 was quite good match. Especially chicory was a good with sake number 1. Also sake three was good with both dishes. 
スターターには、Cataran Tart と Burrata with pink grapefruit
私達は4種類の日本酒をブラインドテイスティング。そして、どれが一番の相性か比べてみます。Cataran tartに一番合ったのは1番のお酒。このチコリーが、また意外な事にとても良く合いました。そして3番のお酒は、両方のお料理ともなかなかの相性。
Then we had a signature dishes.
Sea trout and Bulgar tartar and white and purple cauliflower. 
Sake number 1 and number 2 were pared well with Tartar, but all the rest was not match. 
Sake number one was very good match with capers in white and purple cauliflower.
そして2コース目にはNopi人気の一品。Sea trout and Bulgar tartar そして white and purple cauliflower。この緑のカリフラワー、とても甘くて不思議。松の実との相性も良く、おいしかったです。タルタルには、1番と2番が良かったと思います。そしてカリフラワーには1番。サラダに入っていたケイパーとも良く合いました。

Honami san, Yuko san, Asami san and Charlotte. 
Charlotte and Amanda joined for the tasting first time. Both of them are my colleague and they love sake and food.

Third course was char grilled prawns with funnels, feta, white oregano and Octopus with Salmorejo Sauce, Morcilla. 
For prawns, I thought the sake Number 4 was the best match.
 For the octopus was better pare with Sake number 1. 
mmm...sake number 1 was one of the best so far.
3番コース目は、char grilled prawns with funnels, feta, white oregano、そしてOctopus with Salmorejo Sauce, Morcilla。
海老に一番合ったと思ったのは、4番目。 タコにはまたもや1番のお酒。
So before the last course, we removed the cover of the bottles. 
Sake number 1 was Kawatsuru Umakuchi Junmai.
sake Number 2 was Kirakucho Tokubetsu Junmai
Number 3 was Kizakura
The last one was Abukuma

These are last course.
 We had Roasted beef sirloin with almonds, pecorino sardo and Miso quail, Grape, Verjuice.

Everything so delicious and very interesting flavors in each dishes. 
Everybody seems enjoyed and I'd love to go back to this restaurant in private use.
最後に頂いたのが、Roasted beef sirloin with almonds, pecorino sardo そして Miso quail, Grape, Verjuice。

Once again, Honami san and Tachikawasan who organized sake, and everybody, thank you very much!!


  1. It sounds fantastic. How can I find out more about more sake tasting events in the future?

  2. Thank you very much!! I'll update on my blog when new sake tasting is coming up!


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