Sunday, 11 March 2012

1st anniversary

I still remember how my 11th March has started last year. 

When I arrived at work, switch on the computer in the office, then I saw a picture of houses covered with dirty water and fire. 
That was a photo of Natori city where my uncle and cousins are lives. 
My blood were drained from head to toe. 
I felt it.

While I'm checking more information on the website, I've tried to call my mum who is living in Tokyo.  
But phone line were down, and couldn't talk to anybody, which makes me even more scared. 

I've called Thomas at home and tried to tell him what I've seen on the internet. 
My voice were shaking and I had to bite my lip very hard, not to cry.  

I wake him up and let him switch on the TV. 
He couldn't believe what he is watching and told me to stay calm.
He tried to call Japanese Embassy and find out how to make contact to relatives in Japan.
The information that he's given was nothing really different from BBC news at this time.

My boss suggested me to go home but it was better to stay at work, try to keep myself busy, so I stayed.

After few hours later, I received an E-mail from my mum.
She is fine. 
Tokyo is still ok. 
I thought about my mum and friends in Tokyo.
I couldn't describe how relieved at this moment. 

I was so shocked of this disaster and couldn't think much at that night. 

My mum told me few days later one of our family couldn't survive from tsunami and 4 kids, 5 adult were sleeping in a car for many many days...

Since this Earthquake, my whole year has changed.
I was asking many things to my self.
I was persuade my self what I am doing and why I am here. 
And I think I'm become very strong and be able to think the reason why I am here. 

I am here for Sake. 
I am here to speak.
I am here for Japan. 

And I realized how important my families and friends are. 
How much I love them and how much mean to me. 
I wish I could tell them everyday. 

We all have to remember this disaster. 
What we've seen and what we felt.
And be nice to your families and friends. 
When you regret, it is too late.

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