Friday, 16 August 2013

with odds and ends

Its such a moody weather in London. 
Heavy dark grey clouds were covering sky 10 minutes ago and now, green grass in my garden are shining under the sun.

My parents had own dress making business. Well, more likely my mum has a business before I was born, and my father has joined to help her. 
I've grown up surrounded by premium wool and silk from china or hundreds of cashmere jackets hanging in the house. 
When I was baby, I was sleeping on the sawing machine and I can not remember when exactly I start to using sawing machine by my self. 

My first experience to see a real cat walk show was when I was 5 years old. But the only thing I remember from this show, the guy with glasses who is friend of my mum tied my shoelace, and gave me funky toy sunglasses shape of a cat.   
I was designing and making a clothes for my dearest rabbit that I used to have as a pet, with odds and ends of silk and ostrich leather.
But I didn't really care about what I'm wearing. No, not actually didn't care, couldn't care... most of my clothes were second hand given by my cousins or friends of my mum. 

In Japan, we have sawing and cooking class in the elementary school.
Usually once in a week either learn how to cook something with group of friends, such as pancakes, omelet, sunny side up egg, dessert and stir fried vegetables... or make an apron, pouch or shorts by our selves. Everybody loved cooking class. 

I seriously hated sawing class. 
I hated sawing machine in school. It was so light, easy to break and doesn't do job as much as mum's sawing machine. I was so frustrated by thread blocked here and there and undo my work all the time. So every time, I was doing nothing much in the sawing class(or pretending doing something at least) then take the stuff back to home and finish it at home. It takes me 30 minutes to finalize them instead of 1 hour and still looks messy.   
I thought about this when I was making a sunglasses case for Hugo's new sunglasses in this afternoon.. 
I found the scrap of my baby blue jeans in my sawing box. And attached buttons from my old jackets. I couldn't be bothered to bring up my sawing machine from the cellar, so I did it with hand stitches only, but I'm happy with the result. 
What do you think??





そして、縫い物… 私は最高にこの時間が大嫌いでした。

どうです? 悪くないでしょ??

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