Tuesday, 24 September 2013

windy village, smels of lavender

Hope many readers had good summer. 
We had very nice summer here in London. I think it was one of the longest summer I had for a very long time. (as i remember...)
But I've already pulled out my leather jacket to go out. It is so crazy, how quickly temperature drops... It's been grey and pouring down for all week. But as we had great summer, I can not complain!!

I had a wonderful holiday at Clansayes in South France with my sister-in-lows and her family.
We took a car from London to drove all the way down to Clansayes, as we had so much things to take for Hugo. It was our first family holiday and actually surprising us, how much stuff we need to take!! I told Thomas I feel like moving house.
Just for Hugo, we brought inflatable bathtub, travel cot and some toys that he always use, milk bottles, microwave sterilisation bags, formula milk, swim pants and swim nappies, wipes, clothes, sunglasses, car seat, more nappies, pram, medicines, bed sheets, thermometer and first aide set and so much more.. And it was good for us to take a car because as soon as start the engine, Hugo fall in asleep immediately and I could feed him without worry about place or time.

We've stop over at such a cute hotel in south of Champagne for one night.  

I've been told our villa will be middle of nowhere, from sister in-low. 
And it was actually in the middle of nowhere...But we had huge lavender field just behind our villa. 
Most of them were already harvested, but there is still some lavender flowers were blooming. When wind blows, I could smell lavenders.     


今年の夏、私達は南フランスにある Clansayesで、義姉家族と休暇を取りました。
 ヒュウゴの荷物だけでも、まず購入したのが inflatable bathtub, travel cot,そしていつも使っているおもちゃ、哺乳瓶、microwave sterilisation bags, 粉ミルク、水着と水泳用おむつ、お尻拭き、服、サングラス、チャイルドシート、またおむつ、乳母車、薬や救急用品、ベットカバー、体温計等々、その他諸々。
車で行って本当に良かったと思ったのは、ヒュウゴが車のエンジンがかかるや否や、催眠術でもかかったかのようにコテッと眠りに付き、そして お腹がすいて目が覚めた時も、場所や時間を気にせずにミルクをあげる事が出来た事です。



 We've walk around the little village.

Thomas's niece and nephew. Both loves cats.
According Thomas, here is the library. 
Opening hours, Thursday 1700-1830, Saturday 1030-1200
I guess, it is not the place to stay for long...


Market at the St- Paul Trois Chateaux. 
I loved it so much and I wish I could stay there for all day. 
The lady is selling Honey. I bought citrus honey and truffle honey and lavender honey for my mum. 
The citrus honey was gorgeous! I can use truffle honey for cooking. Drizzle it on top of the grilled pork would be delicious!! 

Honey is from Les ruchers de grignan
3100 chemin des lioures hameau de bayonne
26230 Grignan

そしてSt- Paul Trois Chateauxで開かれたマーケット。

Les ruchers de grignan
3100 chemin des lioures hameau de bayonne
26230 Grignan

Everything looks so fresh and tasty. 
I love those vegetables that different shapes and deep color. They have good attitude right? Those reminds me vegetables from my grand mother's garden....


We've bought saucisson with roquefort and nuts inside. 
Both of them are so delicious!!

Gentleman selling cheese.  

This is the place where we've stayed. 4 bedrooms, dining room and lounge are inside. 
There is a private swimming pool just in front of the house.


These are what we've bought from the market. 
I love those tomatoes. Different shapes, colors... some of them are sweeter than the  others. We had beautiful tomato salads almost every day.


Here is the old roman town, Vaison la Romaine.
There is a open air theater, Romain bridge and chateau...etc. It was definitely worth to visit. 
This vilage is more touristic but nice place to buy souvenirs, such as lavender products and soaps. We've walked around and found many pretty shops.

ここは古いローマンタウン、Vaison la Romaineです。

This river were over flooded few years ago. 
It is very difficult to imagine, from this calm small river.


If you are visiting here, make sure you have better shoes than flip flops. 
I didn't know how is it like, so I was wearing leather sandals which is not safe at all to climb up this slippery stone pavement. 

The view from the top of this castle. 
At the flood, these houses and fields were under the water. Many people couldn't survive and many people lost everything...
But I'm so happy to see the recovery.This is truly amazing.


I love those little corner restaurants. Full of people in tiny street. 

5 minutes drive away from our villa, here is the lavender farm called l'essentiel de lavande.
They have a fantastic lavender products beside of this visitor space. The lady took us to the field and show us around. She also told us there is 3 different types of lavender in her field. I've tried to smell the samples of those pure oils and it was all different!!
I can not remember which one is which, but definitely one has touch of menthol or eucalyptus character, other has a hint of wax of orange skin, the third one was sweeter smell.... It was fascinating.
I've got a Beurre de karité à l'huile essentielle du domaine, its basically body butter, but this is so rich and smells BEAUTIFUL!!

私達の泊まっていたvillaからすぐ裏手に位置するのですが、車で5分程の所にあるラベンダーの畑を訪れました。その名も l'essentiel de lavande
私がお土産に購入したのは、Beurre de karité à l'huile essentielle du domaine、とてもリッチでとっても良い香りのボディーバターです。
What helps a lot for Hugo in this trip is evian's mineral spray. My sister in-low gave it to us and tried on Hugo when he seems very hot. Fresh water mist cools down his hot skin and he seemed loving it. I've never seen it in UK.  

今回の旅でとても役に立ったのが、このevian's mineral spray。義姉が買って来てくれた物なのですが、暑くてちょっとだるそうな時、ヒュウゴにプシュっとスプレーすると、冷たい霧状の水がとても気持ち良い様子。イギリスでは見た事無かったけど、売ってるのかな。

Here is the hotel we've stayed one night each Hostellerie La Montagne Restaurant Natali.
I loved it very much. Thomas has been there before for the launch party of new vintage Champagne and he wanted to return to this place with me.   
When we got there, unfortunately weather was not so great. We could have enjoy aperitif or night cap in the terrace, but it was too chilly to stay out side. 
They organized baby bed for Hugo and everybody so helpful for us with 4 months old baby... how sweet.  

The restaurant were excellent. We had dinner at both night(on the way to south France and returning to UK) and I've tried first ever deer in here. The my best dish was pumpkin soup with scallops and touch of vanilla. 
OMG. That was so good.

こちらのホテルは、途中の行き帰りに一泊ずつしたホテル,Hostellerie La Montagne Restaurant Natali。とても広大な敷地にかわいらしいホテルが何軒も建っていますが、ごちゃごちゃしてないのでゆっくり出来ます。牛がいたり、プラムの木が有ったりと、本当にまったり出来ます。

So this is our first holiday in this year.
Hopefully we can have another holiday but many things are coming up all the time. I wish I could go back to Japan, but it will be in next year...;-(


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