Tuesday, 26 November 2013

first day going back to work after my maternity leave

It was my first day return to work, after taking care of my baby Hugo everyday non stop for 8 months. 

When Hugo's nanny has arrived at home, Hugo was playing by himself on his bed. So Thomas went to his room and pick him up. Hugo was smiling as always and even nanny picked him up, Hugo seemed very happy. 
So, we are relieved that we can go to work without worry. 
Well, I was not worrying so much about leaving him to his nanny, but first day, my new chapter, new challenge... I was so overwhelmed. 

After Hugo is looking at his new friend/nanny for about 10 minutes, all of sudden he's started to cry. He doesn't cry like that usually. It sounds like proper baby cry in a cartoon or something. 
My heart melted.    
But glad Thomas was next me and I manage to hold my tears... ;-( couple of minutes later, he stop crying by distracted with his toys. 

So I went to work. I was so nerves and my heart were pounding fast. 
I was like a little girl, first day coming to school.
I've felt so strange to come to work. Taking a tube without my belly, walking so fast like other people, I can walk down or up to stairs without catch my breath. 
I felt like its been very very long time, but I felt like it was just last month I was here with my big baby belly. 

I had enormous welcome by all boss, staffs and colleagues and actually I was really emotional. I was happy that I have a place to come back and people are happy to see me and work with me. 

During my maternity leave, I really suffer physically and mentally. 
I realized how lucky person I am today. 
I am working in one of the best restaurant in London with those amazing people. 

Thank you very much everyone. 
I'm home, happy to be back.  

今まで約8ヶ月間、息子といつも一緒で、ピーと泣けば、あ、あれね、グズグズすれば、あ、これね、と、そんな 毎日でした。






ロンドンでも最も有名なレストランのうちの一件で、こんなに素敵な人と仕事ができる事、 自分がどれだけラッキーな人間か、今日皆から教えてもらいました。


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