Saturday, 9 November 2013

have a relaxing weekend!

Well, for change, London is covered with gray sky today. And started to pouring down... (but I still love London!!)

In this weekend, the Lord Mayor's show are held in between Bank and Aldwych from 11am.

I had amazing raclette dinner last night with my friends.
I forgot to take photos X-( but I can say it was so delicious and so addictive!!

Well, this is the post that I want to share...

Beautiful green+baby pink wedding photos from Green Wedding Shoes.

The most eye popping artworks from my modern met

Colour obsessed hotel photos from dwel

Another post from my modern met, amazing bamboo dome constructed without any nails 

Beautiful photos of Japan trip, From City To CT

Really pretty table decor from OH HAPPY DAY!

Beautiful card case from Plan B design

Have a relaxing weekend!




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