Thursday, 7 November 2013

no, not a pressure, it is just a lunch box...

Have you heard about lunchbox in Japan?
Well, when I was a kid, the lunch box were not even close to those. My mum usually put some leftover salads or few things here and there, then done.
I've got amazing lunch box once on my birthday.  My mum wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY with seaweed on top of the rice. I was so so amazed and so happy. I've show it to everybody in the room. And I still remember that lunch box because it was special.

But now, mums in Japan, they are putting so much effort and spending time to make lunchbox for their kids. Apparently some kids takes photos with their mobile phone and put it on facebook or send to their mum or friends...  
If I'm living in Japan right now, I'd probably try to make those funky and amazing lunch box, but think about "everyday"... it is definitely too much to me. Off course I want to see my kid's happy face and empty lunch box when they get home, however I'll try when its special day. Like my mum did for me. So I can remember how happy I was and how excited I was.




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