Thursday, 25 February 2010

Finger lime

I've tasted "Finger lime" yesterday.
It was first time for me to see and try. It was a very unique mouth feel. The flavour is lime, taste is lime but pop in my mouth!! Every time it pops, fresh lime juice explodes.
I loved it!!! I want to buy some for myself!
I've asked price to the guy who bought this, £100 for a 1Kg..... mmmmm, maybe not.

And I've found this.....
"The Australian finger lime (citrus australasica) was identified and catalogued during the early colonisation of Australia as a potential commercially viable fruit. Catalogued and samples of fruit have been found in the Kew Economic Botany Collection, United Kingdom dating back to 1895. The finger lime is a member of the citrus family that is found in the wet sclerophyll forests abutting sub-tropical rainforests of northern New South Wales and south-eastern Queensland. It grows naturally as a small understorey tree to a height somewhere between three and five metres. It is sparsely foliated and grows extremely slowly. It bears fruit after many years or when under stress. However, when grafted to a suitable rootstock the plant is transformed into a commercially viable citrus plant.

The finger lime presents with wide genetic diversity. Not only does the fruit vary significantly in size, colour, taste and shape but also the fruiting seasons are just as diverse. Grafted varieties tend to fruit earlier in the orchard than their relations in the wild."


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