Monday, 26 April 2010

Omachi beer

I had a sample of beer from one of my supplier today.
This beer is made with Omachi rice. Omachi rice is one of the sake rice.
To make sake, there are so many different types of rice that exist. It is the same as wine grapes. Omachi rice is more difficult to grow than any other sake rice as it grows taller and rice are heavier and very easy to fall down.

Some of the local rice are not easy to see the differences between rice A and rice B, but Omachi gives typical characters into sake.
A. texture: often found soft and smooth, round
B. taste: gives Umami, and depth, earthy, or feminine

This is a lager beer made with Omachi rice that had been polish until 60%, same as Ginjo.
AVB:5.0% Unpasteurized.
The colour is slightly cloudy, and aroma is subtle, I could find a hint of apple skin or pine apple.. it is fruity but super elegant and light. Also very subtle on the palate. Light and so clean finish. I liked it very much.


A.舌触り、口当たり: 柔らか、絹のような、丸みを帯びた印象
B.味わい: 旨味がある、味に厚みが出る、優しい、蒸し米のような香り 等 


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