Thursday, 28 January 2010

my favolite book

I haven't read Jay Rainer's article or story before.
When I took this book I've recognised his face on the back cover but I can not remember who he is, and what he does...
This is the perfect book for somebody who loving to eat, travel, eat out and also working in restaurant or hotel. His phrases are seasoned with wit and humor. The book is start with his first eat out when he was 11 years old which made me smile and hungry...
He described many things about restaurant, lots of politics and gossip which I loved it. Most interested part were about Moscow and Dubai for me.
He is writing about Tokyo as wel but I was a bit dissapointed that he didn't have great experience at few restaurant and he even didn't know what he is eating.
But this is definitely one of my favorite book. And I'd love to take him to some of my favorite restaurant in Japan when he go there next time... thats all I thought.
この本に出会うまで、私はジェイ ライナーという人を知りませんでした。


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