Saturday, 1 May 2010

nothing special, but I just feel like....

It was not a special day today. But I just wanted to have a different day off with Thomas.
So I put all of my energy for the cooking dinner tonight.
I made few different topping canapes.
I couldn't find small pancakes for canapes that I can find in shop usually, so I've used toast instead. I realised after put them into oven for 4/5 minutes, I should put them into "grill" instead of "oven"... So the colour doesn't change at all....
The first picture is olive oil, mozzarella cheese, tomato, and broccoli that simmered in chicken stock.

This is pork liver and caramelised onion pate topped with my favourite apple compote, and chives.


This canape reminds me taste of my mother's sandwich....
I've cooked one egg then mashed roughly with a fork and mix with grounded pepper and Cupi which is Japanese Mayonnaise. (doesn't need to to be Japanese but I really like Japanese mayonnaise) and topped with cubes of goat cheese and tomato.


I thought I have cured ham such as pancetta ham, or prosciutto in fridge, but guess what, there were ham but not I was expected.... So I used normal ham.
I've sliced camembert cheese and put them on the toast then back in to oven, just wait for few minutes until cheese starting to melt like picture. Then topped with ham and chopped white grapes. It was good but could be better.


And last one is smoked salmon with homemade avocado cream.


And I made a massive potato gratin.
Now I know how to make bechamel sauce, so I made it from start. It taste so much better than tinned bechamel sauce. But I can cook this only when I have time.
We've shared one rib eye staek that has been marinated in olive oil, crashed garlic, pepper, grape seeds oil and thyme for over night.
The steak was really tender. Actually I was shocked with the quality... of course good way.

It was very long process, but dinner was very good, champagne was also good, we were happy, so I made it feels like a very special night!!



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