Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Ship

When I wrote about La gazette, I've also mentioned about this pub called The Ship.
The Ship stands by Thames and 6 minutes walk distance from my house.
以前La gazetteというレストランの事を書いた時に、ちょこっと話しましたが、天気も良く、こんな日にはもってこいのThe Shipというパブがあります。

Every Sunday are Live music night.

When sun is up chefs fire the massive barbecue.
I always have Burger but we are not talking just burgers in The Ship.
There is char grilled prawn, tuna, seabass, l
amb... etc many fresh dishes are coming from Grill.


Inside of the pub is also nice...
There is wide selections of wine, beer, and few selection of ale. A glass of Pimm's lemonade is shockingly expensive. I've ordered it once. It was £8.00 a glass of Pimm's, and since then I've never order in here again. But otherwise wine and other drinks are average price and I'm always very happy with food and location.

If you don't want to stay under the sun, there is some tables under the shade in out side.

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