Tuesday, 29 June 2010

home sweet home...

I'm in Chichester!!

Walked up from the train station.

This is the "Cross". Meeting point for everybody.

I was born in Tokyo and grown up in Tokyo.
It doesn't bother me if there is no greens and mountains and beautiful rivers around.
When I came to England first time it was 10 years ago. I was really young and full of energy for anything.
I remember my mother was really worried about her only child stubborn daughter living by her self in the middle of nowhere in south England. I was very excited to stay away from my family. And this place has become one of my favorite place on the earth.


Chichester is about 2 hours away from London. Honestly I thought more sheep and horses than human in the town at the beginning... There is no much light on the street, and when its get dark, it is impossible to see anything, which never happen in my life before. I walked to college 45 minutes every day. Which I've never done before. I had picnic sitting on a grass which I've never thought before. I've walked in a heavy rain without umbrella, my first experience of scone and clotted cream, pub, afternoon tea, Chinese take away, fire place, sleep in a bed (as opposed to futon), baked beans, drawing every day, play snookers, school trip, Christmas...
I enjoyed everything. My life was so slow and relaxed and natural.

After many years, I've reached London. I remember when I saw "square" gray sky from below, I was filled with heartrending sorrow.
One of the most beautiful day in last week, I decided to visit Chichester again. I used to go to Chichester every Christmas but not for last 2 years.

I arrived in Chichester in the afternoon. I've walked on west street towards cross. Cross is center of four street. Street goes south, north, east and west. There is a cathedral on the north street. And after the cathedral is the college where I used to go.



Our favorite pub "Old cross" on west street.

One of my most favorite place in Chichester is St Martin's Tea rooms. This tea room was build in mid 19th century. I always come here with friends and if I come here even by my self I could met with some of my friends at all the time.

I walked down the street to the tea room.
I open the door, I felt a bit nervous to see inside. Scared it has been changed.

The clatter of cutlery, cash registers, coffee machine, sounds that I used to hear nothing has been changed.
I went upstairs and sat on the same seat i used to be and looked around. old memories were keep coming up like broken water pipe.
I was very stubborn and very fragile at that time. My parent's divorce, gap year, separation from many peoples and meeting with new peoples, future, boy friend and life... we've shared loads of stories with my friends at tea room. I was feel like looking at 10 years younger myself in front of me.

St Martin's Tea roomsです。この建物は19世紀の中頃に建てられた物で、とても古−い造りで中に入れば一見で古いなぁというのが解ると思います。


All food and cakes are organic. Terrace seat is also very nice in sunny day.

This is the scone that we had almost every time when we came here after class, served with clotted cream.

The fire places are so comfortable in winter season. It brings such a amazing atmosphere in the rooms.

This is the Chichester cathedral. The bell sometimes wake me up on Sunday morning...

It is the hotel I used to work. All staffs were very kind and supported me so much. I've learned many things here. There is a little water mill just in front of the hotel. I saw somebody celebrating wedding when I arrived.


I was having a day off in next day, and I was planning to go home late... But I realized it s not city, all shops were closed at 6 and no buses to visit around. So I took train to go home at 7.
I had such a great time. Walked around by my self and met some nice people. Chichester gave me so much good energy today!!

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