Wednesday, 18 August 2010

milk sake

Tokugawa Mitsukini(1628-1701) was a feudal lord in the Mito domain who was known for his influence in politics of his era. He compliled a huge collection of the "Dai Nihon Shi" (history of great Japan) , which helped to raise nationalism in the late shogunate.
He was the first person in the Japanese history who has tried milk, wine, Chinese noodle, gyoza dumplings, cheese, beef, lamb and pork... when people were not allowed to eat meat due to religion reason.
Also he had 2 coloured people in the house to research them and later he even gave them title as part of his family. He was also into the making of Udon noodle by himself.
He loved sake. He used to drink milk sake.
Milk sake is a sake that is mixed with water, milk and sugar, and he drunk it warm.
I've tried this sake a number of times before I go to bed. Actually it's not so bad, and he died at 73 years old, when the average life span of Japanese people was 33 years old.
So it must be good.


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