Sunday, 12 September 2010

flying dog brewery, Raging Bitch

I've tasted this beer at home today. I've tasted this beer ages ago, but I remember it was good.

Flying Dog Brewery is a beer brewery now located in Frederick, Maryland. Originally opening in 1990 as a brewpub, it became the first brewery to open in Aspen in over 100 years, and one of the first brewpubs in the Mountain states Rocky Mountain region. In 1991, Flying Dog’s “Doggie Style” was bottled and won the “The Best Pale ale in America” award at the Great American Beer Festival.
The reputation of Flying Dog beers grew quickly, and demand soon exceeded the brewpub’s capacity. So, in 1994 Flying Dog opened a 50-barrel brewery in Denver, Colorado from which its ales were distributed to more than 45 states of the United States. Flying Dog purchased a second brewery located in Frederick, Maryland in May 2006, and in January 2008 the last bottles rolled off the Denver line and all production was moved to the Maryland facility. According to their web site, this location is where "70% of Flying Dog Beer is already being brewed." Accounting, sales, marketing and other administrative functions have remained largely unaffected by this change and their headquarters remains in Denver. Currently, the brewery has a capacity to brew 50,000 barrels of beer per year.

Flying Dog Brewery is noted for using the unusual art of Ralph Steadman, best known as the illustrator of the works of Hunter S. Thompson, on its labels. In 2005, the brewery created a new beer in Thompson’s honor, Gonzo Imperial Porter. Initially in limited-release in 750mL bottles, the Gonzo Imperial Porter is now one of the regular offerings of the brewery.

AVB 8.3%
Very fruity aroma, like grapefruits. Light bodied and very nice dry finish. I didn't feel much high alcohol. I really like this beer.

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