Monday, 20 September 2010

Hasegawa sake blind tasting

I've been invited for a sake blind tasting at the Japanese restaurant in Mitsukoshi, from Tachikawa san who import sake to England. I've met some familiar faces at the tasting. Both sake producer and colleagues and friends who works at different restaurant as sommelier.

I've tasted about 160 sake in two hours. I've done many sake tasting and some judges before but it was the first time for me to taste so many different sake in such a short time and as Japanese tasting role.
First of all, we are not allowed to talk in the room and second, we sharing tasting cups (Kiki-choko) placed in front of each sake bottles.
We've started to taste from Junmai Daiginjo.
After finished all Junmai Daiginjo, I've tried Junmai Ginjo and Junmai in the next room.
I thought some of the sake were not in very good condition. And I was expected to hear some advice and comments from senior judges but again, we were not allowed to talk...
I just keep tasting sake and put the scores on the mark sheets, after and after.
I couldn't finish to taste all of the sake on the table. But Tachikawa san told me it is fine. I gave my mark sheets to Komazawa san who work for Hasegawasake ten in Tokyo and came here to give some help to Tachikawa san. And he gave me a list of the sake that we've tasted and my mark sheet after he's taken photo copy.
I realized I was so exhausted. And we were craving for beer as usual after sake tasting and went to pub with Kumiko chan, Komatsu san and Tomo san.
We've talked about sake tasting today. We were all tired and a pint of beer moistens our throat. It was tasty.

I'll attend another sake tasting on Wednesday and I can find out which sake will receive the first prize. I can not wait to find out.




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