Sunday, 24 October 2010

hotel Bosui in Izu

About 2.5 hours from Tokyo, Thomas, my friend James, Roslyn, Christine and Eric are arrived at Izu Hokkawa station.
By the station you'll see hot spring is piping.

This is the hotel Bosui where we've stayed just one night.
We've arrived almost an hour early but even though staffs were so kind and let us checked in.
After we dropped our luggage, we united at public bath out side of hotel, away 3 minutes walk from hotel and it is stands actually just by the sea.
We were stayed there for 30/40 minutes and we had good experience.

After we came back to hotel we went to have bath again, until just before we having dinner...The view was incredible and it was so relaxing.

We've stayed in the tub until the sun goes down.... It was exceptional...

Fresh lobster. It was still arrive when we received. The shell will be in the soup for breakfast tomorrow. I can not wait!

Stone grilled wagyu beef. It was delicious and vegetables that came with beef also very tasty.
Grilled abalone stuffed with abalone and kimo sauce topped with local seaweed.

Hashioki (chopstick rest) is like a little flower base. Everybody had a different flower. It was really nice touch.
We ate so many dishes... I was too busy to eat. (I'm sorry I don't have photo for every single dishes) The all dishes were really amazing. And we were super stuffed.

Thom and other friends wanted to have a night cap, but I didn't have any tiny space left in my stomach so I went back to my room and crashed into bed. When I realized next time it was 5 in the morning...

This is the break fast.
On the side of this tray, we had grilled fish of your choice, (5 different fish Hiraki or Misozuke), rice and local miso based seafood soup called Hamakko soup. The soup were made with miso, clams, lobster (from last night), squid, and vegetables and prepared with 400℃ hot stone dropped into large pot, in front of us. It was just amazing taste.
Also home made fresh tofu was really silky and sweet. There is both salt and soy sauce on the side but I've finished my tofu just salt and grated ginger.

I like Japanese crockery such as this one. They are so cute and delicate.
Inside of this fish stomach is 2 different types of sea bream miso.
Again, we were so full. We still had couple of hours to relax. I think I've slept a bit (again...) and check out. We have a plan to take soba noodle making class.

To be continued...


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