Saturday, 27 November 2010

Champagne and Brasserie du Boulingrin

I thought I've wrote about this place in Reims, France before but I realized I didn't.....

A friend of Thomas, Antoine took us to Pommery champagne vineyards. I've only visited sparkling wine producer before but not champagne producer. So I was really look forward to it. Pommery was huge champagne producer. We could joined brewery tour with 4 glasses of champagne tasting at end of tour. I was expected to taste small glass but the staff gave us FULL GLASS of champagne for us, and Antoine was driving, so he had only small sip and Thom and I had to finish his glass as well...And the guy even top up our glasses.... It was not easy for me.

Then we went to little church on top of the hill where Dom Pierre Pérignon is buried. It was such a small and quiet church and really really peaceful.

シャンパンの完成に生涯を捧げた修道士、Dom Pierre Pérignonが眠っています。有名なDom Pérignonは、彼の名前から命名されたシャンパンです。

After we've stayed for something like 10 minutes we went to have a lunch at the brasserie where one of Antoine's favorite place in Champagne. We had a rabbit terrine with pot of gherkins.
I forgot to take photo for rest of the food again!!
But I had really really good lunch.


Brasserie du Boulingrin
48 Rue de Mars
51100 Rheims, France
+33 (0)3 26 40 96 22

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