Friday, 26 November 2010

sake lunch

I had a sake tasting lunch with our PR and some journalists on Wednesday. It was my first time in 5 1/2 years since I've joined this company.
I've never had the opportunity to organize such an event. I've been DREAMING for 5 years this would happen....

It was supposed to be 8 of us at the beginning, but we ended up 6 peoples total around the table. But it was perfect number to throw many questions and tasting comments.
All journalists were really nice people and I was really happy to have them.
I've served Dassai Sparkling 50% Junmai Ginjo as aperitif. Dassai Sparkling sake is one of my favorite sparkling sake right now. It is so clean, smooth and delicate yet, has a touch of sweetness with citrus finish. It has a very long after taste.
I've served Grace Koshu Kayagatake 2009. Koshu is a Japanese grape variety. Koshu originally came from Caucasus region in Asia Minor and came through the Silk Road of China and brought to Japan with Buddhism religion. I also wanted to introduce this Japanese wine too. Because this Grace Koshu is the first Japanese wine we've got on the menu in history!
Grace Koshu 2009 has very high acidity and aromas of grapefruits and lemon glass, light bodied and finishes with white pepper.
After that I've served Kokuryu Junmai Ginjo with main dishes. And I've served sushi in the end as same way as Japanese people... The choice of sake was Niwa no Uguisu, Junmai Ginjo Hiyaoroshi. I was glad to see everybody had a great time with us.
The waitress who helped me, also did an amazing job for me. I was really proud of my colleague....
食前酒をかねて、獺祭 純米大吟醸スパークリング50%でまず、クリスマスな雰囲気を。
Grace Koshu Kayagatake 2009を。かなり酸味が高く、レモングラスやグレープフルーツのような苦みもちょっとあります。今回日本酒だけでなく、ワインも一緒にご紹介したかったのは、このワインが当店で初めてオンリストされた日本のワインだからでーす!



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