Thursday, 13 January 2011

Masumi brewery Red Horizon

Red Horizon is brewed with famous sake yeast, called yeast No 7.
Yeast No 7 has discovered by yeast scientist Dr Shoichi Yamada in 1946.
Dr Yamada confirmed that there is a very fine aromatic yeast in fermentation vats when he visited Masumi brewery. Since then Masumi's yeast No 7 become one of the most well known and sake breweries favorite yeast.
Yeast No 7 has a fabulously fruity characteristic. This is unpasteurized and unfiltered. The aroma is really sweet. It is almost like sugar cane, caramel, and ripe tropical fruits.
I've never tasted something like this.

Red Horizonは、日本酒の酵母で有名な7号酵母で造られたビールです。
このRed Horizonは、無濾過、本生のビールです。

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