Friday, 14 January 2011

mystic scotland to shiny bournemouth...

Next morning, we check out of the hotel very early and drove down to Bournemouth. About 8 hours drive, I can fall asleep in any car in 5 minutes, any time and many times. The view from hotel in the morning was really beautiful and mysterious. Thomas had to drive very slowly in this weather and it took longer than we expected to get out of the Scotland. We saw sun rise on the way. I didn't have any clue where I was...

We arrived in Bournemouth around 3 in the afternoon. I was very impressed with Thomas. He seemed ok, and actually we arrived earlier than I was expected. We visited our friends and had relaxing and fun night. I like the night like this.

Next day we woke up quite late. Thomas, our friends William, Vero and I went to nice local pub for Sunday roast, called The fighting Cocks. Tim, the landlord originally trained as a master butcher and now uses these skills in his kitchen. He personally cuts all steaks. Homemade sausage are also very popular.
I didn't realized there were about 6/7 horses around the pub. Many different sizes and they were everywhere... After lunch we went to New Forest. On the way to new forest we saw more wild horses. They were really peaceful and so elegant.
William、Vero、私の4人で近くのとても感じのいいパブへサンデーローストを食べに出かけました。The fighting Cocksというこのパブ。オーナーのTimは、もともと精肉屋さんとして修行をし、後にパブをオープン、今でも自ら肉の切り分けをしたりするそう。自家製のソーセージは人気のメニューです。
New Forestへ向かい、その途中、大草原に野生の馬を何頭も見つけました。その、美しい事。イギリスでこんな光景が見られるとは思っていませんでした。

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