Monday, 14 February 2011

happy valentine's day

It is St Valentines day today.

St valentines day is celebrated in two different dates in Japan. On 14th of February, female present gifts or chocolate to their boyfriend, male colleague... any man close to them. The favor to return to ladies on the "white day" which is on 14th March, and men pamper ladies who gave them a gift on Valentine's day 14th February.

Valentine's day is quite simple here in England. Many couple are sending a card or gifts to their partner or somebody who want to take for date. And going out for nice dinner is seems like most common Valentine's day. There is no "white day" are exist in Europe.

I didn't even planed anything for Thomas in this Valentine's day until yesterday.
Friend of mine Keiko san, dropped a lovely box of chocolate at restaurant yesterday.
So I've run to Harrods during my break to get nice selection of chocolate from PRESTAT and a card from the card shop in downstairs.
I was so regret that I didn't thought or planned earlier. Shop was really busy and many people were in a rush and angry....

I've tasted some of the chocolate from Keiko san on my break. It was really tasty, and gave me a lot of energy!! The box is so cute, so I'll use it for my sawing kit. Thank you very much!


ヨーロッパのバレンタインデーは少しシンプル。デートに誘いたい相手や、カップル、夫婦等でプレゼントやBe my valentine とか、Happy Valentine's dayと書かれたカードを送り合います。名無しのカードで、私は誰でしょうみたいな事をする人もかなり多くいます。(そういえば、相手の住所を間違えて送った友人が過去にいたり、去年はうちにも間違ったカードが送られてきたっけ…)



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