Friday, 18 February 2011

just pizza but it is not a just...

I always try to cook at home as much as possible.

But one night I felt super lazy and too tired to cook, fridge was empty and couldn't bother even go to corner shop to get some fresh vegetables... What would you do... We don't eat take away meal so often. But I couldn't stop myself to order pizza delivery that night... How luckily I have a great pizza delivery not far from where I live. The shop is called Firezza, which is award wining pizza shop in London. They have a proper stone oven to bake handmade pizza (from dough) and you can order online or by text without talking to anybody until you receive the pizza. They are making great pizza. Really. I don't really like to ordering take away meal but this is the only one place I can and I would. There is many choices and you can see it is handmade. if you are my neighbor, try on.


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