Saturday, 19 February 2011

korean night

On Tuesday, I've been invited for dinner by my ex-boss.
She just came back from a long holiday around the world including korea, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Hawaii and Japan. I've heard she had great time in Japan especially when they visited a sake brewery in Miyagi Prefecture where I recommended her to visit.

She is half Korean and half Canadian, she's been inspired by completely different two great culture since she was very little.
So after her long trip, she's got so many new ideas and learned fabulous Korean cooking recipes. How lucky Thom and I could taste some of them at her new house. We had few glasses of champagne and catch up for a little while. She told me Korean cooking is really simple. Lots of things to marinate meats and seafood with garlic, onion, sesame oil, apple(sometimes), spices, ginger etc, and grill them on the charcoal or pan.
The meat/ fish gets really soft and tender after the marinade, and the flavor is just amazing. Korean people are eating lots and lots of vegetables, which helps digestive and is considered as one of the healthiest cuisine in the world.

Her homemade Kimchee was so tasty. The cabbage became slightly sour, which I prefer than freshly made kimchee that has sharp spicy kick in the mouth.
Dinner was great and we had nice tea and coffee with Pierre Hermé's macaron.


Pierre Hermé'sのマカロンをお供に、お茶とコーヒを頂きました。

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