Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My favorite restaurant DEHESA

Many people thinks there is nothing tasty in London. I thought the same when I came to England first time.
But I have so many restaurants that I really like to go out for every day, every night. I've discovered so many great places since I've met Thomas and I'm always feeling bad when I see some of the very touristic restaurants are introduced on the travel magazine in airplane.
One of my (our) favorite restaurant is DEHESA -charcuterie & tapas bar- which is just behind Regent street. Small but nice sized restaurant and always full. Staffs are always really friendly and very helpful. And most importantly, we are addicted to the food here.


I always have some of the now classic dishes and few new dishes, especially Jamón Ibérico and courgette flower. Without these I can not come out from the restaurant!

Jamón Ibérico has rich nutty flavor and its explode in your mouth. More you chew juicy flavor comes out and have a sip of nice full bodied Spanish wine.... it is like heaven. You will see.
And the courgette flower is served fried, stuffed with goat cheese and with honey drizzled on top. I love this. I just love this very much. If I have to eat a bucket of this dish, I think I could do it.
Thomas loves this Buffalo mozzarella with olive tapenade. Also They do really nice tomato and peach salad when its season.
I can not remember how many bottles of rose we opened at the terrace in DEHESA last summer.
私がいつも頂くものは、いつもあるクラシックなメニューと、新しいメニューを何品か。クラシックなメニューのうちでもJamón Ibérico(イベリコ豚のハム)と、courgette flower(ズッキーニのお花)は、癖になる美味しさです。Jamón Ibéricoは、とってもリッチなナッツの香りがします。噛めば噛む程、この香りが口の中に広がり、それをフルボディのスペインワインで流し込むのがまた格別なのです。courgette flowerは、からっと揚げた後に蜂蜜がぽたぽたかけられていて、その程よい甘さと言ったらたまりません。私は、このズッキーニの大ファンです。もう、好きで好きで、どれくらい好きかと言うと、バケツ一杯食べろと言われたら食べられる自信がある程です。

There is private dining room available downstairs.
If you want to make sure, better to book a table, as I said, this place is always busy.

-charcuterie and tapas bar-
25 Ganton Street
London W1F 9BP
+44 (0) 20 7494 4170

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